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Customer loyalty incentive and rewards programs | 4u Inc Incentive and Rewards

Customer Loyalty

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Customer Loyalty

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Because you realize that your success is directly related to finding and then keeping- customers happy and committed to your “brand”, you understand the importance of rewarding that loyalty.

4U will work with you to help communicate with this important target audience and establish the most effective means of saying “thank you” and/or encouraging repeat business.

To be guided through a demonstration and to learn how 4U can help your bottom line contact us 800.521.5491 or email us info@4-u-inc.com

Sales/Gross Profit Rewards Calculator

Current Period
Sales or Gross Profit Goal $
Previous Period Actual $
Gain $
Percent of Gain Used for Rewards & %
Dollar Amount Allocated to Rewards $
Net Gain $
Total Number of Participants &
Anticipated % of Participants that will meet the sales goal & %
Projected Average Reward Value per Participant $